Three Benefits of Repurposed Shipping Containers for Your Office Space

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If you have been considering what your next move might be when it comes to your company’s office space, repurpose shipping containers just might be the solution you have been looking for. Shipping container solutions have been an option for several years but with all of the advances in technology, repurposed shipping containers, and modular housing solutions have become much more popular.

Many companies are finding that they are benefiting tremendously from their repurposed container offices, as are many families who have chosen modular housing solutions for their personal living spaces. In some areas, it is estimated that building with containers can actually lead to a savings of up to 40% off of building with regular materials and traditional construction methods.

Here are three benefits of building your new office space with repurposed shipping containers.

1.) Affordable and easy to construct

Perhpas the biggest advantage of building with industrial shipping containers is the fact that they are quite cheap to get a hold of. There are roughly 24 million empty shipping containers that have been retired and are available for a repurposing. With shipping containers, you can get them cheaply and then let your imagination fly. There are so many different ways to build. So, instead of having an office that you have to settle for, you can get the one you want by building it from the ground up.

When you are building with modular housing solutions, you have a great deal of flexibility with the design. Whether it is a home design or an office design, any creative designer can help you get out of them just about whatever you can imagine. Windows, doors, and even skylights are options you can incorporate into your new office design.

2.) Put them where you want them

Another great benefit of shipping containers is the fact that you can have them where you want them. All you need is a piece of property to put them on. Maybe you are wanting to turn your home-office into something completely separate from your home. If you have room on your property, design an office space that expands with your business.

3.) They are environmentally friendly and completely recycled material

Shipping containers have obviously had a first life as a shipping container. What you are doing when you build with a used shipping container is nothing less than helping to save the environment. These containers are eco-green structures. They are made from roughly 85% recycled steel and by reusing them for your purposes, you are saving on new building materials.

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