These Are Three Reasons Why the Construction Industry Is One Of the Most Dangerous Jobs In America

Lifting slings

It is no secret that construction work is one of the most dangerous jobs out there. Everyday, many construction workers lose their lives and limbs being injured in construction accidents. While this is tragic, it is hardly surprising considering so much construction work is done in the air, where workers are prone to gravity related risks. One thing that can protect construction workers in addition to OSHA fall protection training, are web slings and rigging supplies. Here are three reasons why construction is one of the most dangerous jobs.

1. There were more fatal injuries in construction that there were in any other field of work in 2009. In fact, off all the fatalities that happen in the workplace, 1 in every 5 happens to a construction worker. So, in addition to being dangerous and at risk for injury, there was a great risk of death. Of all the dangers on a construction site, falls are the one risk that causes the most fatalities. This risk could be cut with the employment of web slings to stop, reduce, and prevent fatal flaws that happen everyday on construction sites.

2. There over 480,000 non-fatal injuries that happened on construction sites in 2001. Again, this is due to the dangerous nature of the job. Much of this has to do with working away from the ground on unfinished buildings and being at risk of falling. Web slings can help to reduce the non-fatal injuries that construction workers incur everyday.

3. Construction jobs require serious safety gear in addition to web slings. Construction workers need hard heats and work boots when entering almost any construction site. This goes a little ways to helping to ensure safety. It is important though that workers get outfitted with the latest technology, like web slings.

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