These 3 Items Should NEVER Be Flushed Down the Toilet

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A time without plumbing must have been a dark time, indeed. But sometimes, we misuse our toilets, mistaking them for trash cans. In reality, flushing certain things down the toilet threaten the sanctity of sewer lines, leading to horrifying backups and damage. Not only are clogged sewer lines offensive to senses, sewer line repair and replacement can be a costly endeavor.

To prevent this potential horror story from creeping up a toilet near you, avoid flushing these 3 things down the toilet:

  1. Tampons and pads.
    This one’s for all of the ladies out there. If you’ve ever been in a public restroom, you likely have seen the small trash bin attached to the inside of each stall, accompanied by a sign imploring you not to flush your feminine hygiene products. Well, they’re not just asking because they’re jerks. As it turns out, feminine hygiene products are not suitable to go down the porcelain waterslide. These products are made to absorb moisture and expand. Upon expansion, these items become near impossible to pass through sewer and pipe lining. So next time Aunt Flo is in town, be sure to dispose accordingly.
  2. Hair.
    You know when your shower drain starts to get clogged due to a pesky human hairball? Well, the same things goes with toilet plumbing. Hair does not break down well and easily gets tangled, ultimately forming clumps that get caught in sewer linings, leading to clogs and backups. So when cleaning out your brushes, throw your hairballs in the trash.
  3. Band-Aids.
    Band aids are generally made of plastic, a substance that is NOT biodegradable. This means that once this hits your pipes, major clogs can ensue. So next time your disrobe your boo boo, have the smarts to throw it in the garbage can, not the porcelain can.

I think the takeaway from these no-flush items is to not confuse the toilet with the trash. While yes, the toilet gloriously handles human waste, it is not a throne built for extraneous throwaways!

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