The Two Reasons You Need OSHA Log Software

Audit software

When you run a plant or industrial facility that is subject to audits from organizations like the EPA, ISO, and OSHA, safety and environmental compliance is not just a formality. Those standards are in place because often, the materials and services being produced affect the health of whole communities, and of course have an impact on the environment and the people who work in your facilities.

Plus, if your site is found to not pass those standards, you will likely be fined and shut down, not to mention ending up with a bad reputation in the industry and with customers.

On the bright side, much of the water and waste regulatory compliance systems and employee safety program can be downloaded as software, which makes it much easier to assess risk and make necessary changes. Notably, OSHA log software has been released, and it’s a game changer. Check out the reasons why you need it now:

It’s Required
That’s right: OSHA has released a final rule that, actually, the electronic submittal of details including information about workplace injuries and maladies is required. This will make it much easier for OSHA to analyze statistics about workplace risks, and come up with better regulations and enforcements down the line. There are no ifs, ands, or buts — you have to comply with OSHA, or you run the risk of massive fines or shutdowns.

It’ll Make You a Better Employer
The better OSHA knows the goings on at your business, the better you will be able to ensure their health and safety. And what employer doesn’t want to do that? There is no benefit whatsoever to employees getting hurt on the job — it slows productivity and could cost a fortune in settlement costs. Maintain a reputation as a fair employer and make sure that everyone at your plant or facility is as safe as possible/

OSHA log software is a big part of the future of streamline functional risk management, and will definitely help you and your facility in the long run. Embrace management software and say hello to a brighter, easier, and safer future.

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