The Trucking Industry Plays an Important Role in the Economy of the Nation

The transportation industry has to adjust to a number of different situations. From problems with the weather to situations that involve delayed delivery of items because they are out of stock, there are a number of times when the final delivery of goods are completely reliant on the delivery services of a complicated transportation network. Involving nearly 12 million trucks, rail cars, locomotives, the transportation network helps consumers across the country get the items that they need on a daily basis.

In the midst of this complicated transportation network, however, is the problem of companies who need to pay their drivers as well as cover the costs of truck maintenance, often before they receive the payments they are owed from their customers. To bridge this gap, an increasing number of companies work with broker systems. With the most advanced kinds of transportation broker software, freight brokers help businesses achieve their complicated goals.

Transportation Management Software Offers a Way for Trucking Companies to Manage Both Deliveries and Payments

When you realize all of the times that you make purchases that are dependent on the delivery of items from across the country, it should come as no surprise that this industry plays an important role in the economy of the nation. For instance, the value of freight moved is expected to increase from $882 per ton in 2007 to $1,377 per ton in 2040, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.
Freight brokers offer a way for companies to be successful. With shipment tracking integration, companies of all sizes are able to succeed even when they have to pay for drivers and truck maintenance before they receive the payments that are owed to them. Trucks carry the largest share of freight by value, tons, and ton-miles for shipments that move 750 or fewer miles. Rail, in comparison, is the dominant mode by tons and ton-miles for shipments that are moved from 750 to 2,000 miles. This means that the distance a product needs to be shipped not only determines the cost, it also determines the method of delivery.

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