The Top Benefits of Using Medication Blister Packaging

Flexible medical packaging

If you manufacture any kinds of pharmaceutical products, you know that you have a lot of options when it comes to your packaging. Some of your choices may be limited by the way your product is administered. Liquids need to be packaged differently than pills, for example. Blister packaging offers a lot of benefits over other kinds of packaging and is one of the most popular among pharmaceutical companies. Whether your product is at the clinical trials project management or beyond, there are great reasons to select blister packaging designs for your products.

  1. Blister packaging extends the lifespan of medication. Blister packaging can effectively keep water, gas and other contaminants from getting to the pharmaceutical products. This means the medication will have a longer shelf life. This can be very important for people who like to be able to stock up on their medication or if the medications need to be transported to remote locations. Whether it needs to be moved over long distances or just kept in a medical cabinet for a decent amount of time, using medical blister packaging will keep it in the same condition it was in when it left the warehouse.
  2. It is easy and cheap to produce in bulk. If your product is still in the clinical trials project management stage, you may not yet need to produce it in bulk but you will. Plastic blister packaging is easy and inexpensive to make in the quantities that are needed for most pharmaceutical products.
  3. You can include your instructions. When you use blister packaging options for your pharmaceutical products, you can include instructions for the patients to properly take or use your medication. There is plenty of space to include clear and concise and easy to follow directions for the medication’s use. Some carded blister packaging is made so the consumer just needs to pop a pill out of the packaging, This makes it easy to keep track of the dose and when the medication was taken. This is a great convenience for many people who take medication every day. This can also include child proof features to make it safer to have in the house. and out of the hands and mouths of your children.
  4. Pharmaceutical manufacturers can include other materials. When carded blister packaging is used, it can be a part of the company’s overall marketing efforts and work.There is space on these packages for instructions but also for coupons or other offers. This space can be incorporated into the company’s marketing strategy and plan. It can be a great tool to increase brand awareness and loyalty. For patients who know they are going to be taking a medication for a long time, coupons that can help defray the cost can make things a lot easier and their drugs more affordable.
  5. There are many of blister packaging. If your pharmaceutical product is a liquid, is a lotion or cream, needs to be injected or is a pill, there is a blister packaging option that will work for it. This is one of the reasons that blister packaging is the most used type of packaging for pharmaceuticals in the United States. Often, pharmaceuticals use pouch packaging because it is helpful in providing the correct dose to patients without them having to measure it out, which can lead to them taking too much or too little of the drug.

It is important to involve a pharmaceutical and medical packaging manufacturer early in the process when you are developing new products. Even before you start your clinical trials project management process, it is good to be already working on your product packaging options. For clinical trials project management, it is often really important to track and trace serialisation. This is made a lot easier with the use of blister packaging products.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest and most profitable on the planet. As a consequence, pharmaceutical packaging companies have also become very important to the economy. If you run a company that develops and manufactures these kinds of products, you need to find the right packaging for your products. The various types of blister packaging options should make it a good choice for your products.



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