The Three Most Important Principles of Sales Your Salespeople Need to Know Now

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Sales may be the most important department of any company. So why, then, are so many of today’s salespeople underperforming so much?

Statistics have shown that a mere 8% of salespeople are responsible for closing 80% of sales! Knowing this, it’s clear to see how ineffective many salespeople are at their jobs.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean the remaining 92% of underperforming salespeople aren’t cut out for their jobs. In fact, they may just need extra training from a professional — and that’s where a sales training company comes in.

Here is a list of the three most important principles and practices of sales that a sales consulting firm can teach your company’s salespeople:


All salespeople should be able to create a clear depiction of the product or service they are trying to sell. Otherwise, the customer on the other end of the line won’t know exactly what they’re buying, or what they’re missing out on by not buying. When you enroll your salespeople in courses with a sales consulting firm, they can learn the skills of effective sales communication that will stick with them for their entire careers.


Very few sales are closed after the first call, and this is something that every salesperson should understand. Expecting the customer to agree to a sale immediately may result in the salesperson putting too much pressure on the customer, turning them off from the product or service entirely — so it’s a good idea to hire a sales consulting firm to work with your salespeople on the principle of patience.


Closing a sale isn’t just about rattling off a scripted sales pitch to each customer over the phone. In fact, most potential clients these days expect salespeople to listen as well as speak — and a major part of listening is being able to empathize with the potential client and understand his or her concerns or questions about what you’re trying to sell. The best sales training companies always emphasize good listening skills among trainees for this reason.

Has enrolling your salespeople in sales training programs helped them improve their skills? Share your experiences with us in the comments. Read this website for more information. For more information, read this website.

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