The Right Digital Display Stands for Your Business

Marketing and advertising are very important to any business, big or small, and modern business owners have all sorts of options for this. Most often, these business owners take two routes: an online campaign, and setting up digital kiosks, digital signage display sands, deli meat signs, and the like. The Internet has not made physical signs and displays obsolete; rather, companies usually take both routes, to take advantage of the perks of each. These digital signage display sands, digital towers, and the like can do a lot of good to promote a brand, and many businesses are renting ad space on billboards, digital signage display sands, and more to promote themselves. How might this work?

The Power of Signs

Setting up digital signage display sands can do a lot of good, and these display stands often prove worth the expense of renting or setting up. A lot of research is done every year to develop new and better marketing strategies every year, and the results show that physical signs and digital screens are as potent as ever for promoting a brand, Internet or not. As an example, the numbers show that a typical business has 85%, a majority, of its customers living within just a five-mile radius of that business. That is a high density of customers, and a business can set up signs and display racks in that area to efficiently spread the brand name to all those people. A person living close to a business may be exposed to that brand name 50 to 60 times per day, quite a bit of exposure by many standards. What is more, the value of on-site signage is the same as 24 full-page newspaper ads per year.

Many consumer surveys are done to see what sort of effect these signs have on those consumers, and the results are promising. Many of these consumers say that they entered a local business because they saw an attractive sign for it, and a new business may get fully half of its customers from having a good sign in place. Many drivers are looking at roadside billboards, especially in areas where there isn’t much else to see, and many local political candidates put ads on those billboards for voters to see. Meanwhile, surveys show that many consumers believe a sign’s quality and personality will reflect that of the business that put it there. A high quality, attractive sign with a clear message may make consumers feel confident about the level of service and quality that the business may provide. By contrast, a shoddy, unattractive, or confusing sign may turn away consumers, who will have a bad first impression of that business. If the business can’t even be bothered to make a good sign, these customers may think, how can that business provide good service?

The Variety of Signs Out There

There is more than one way to make a sign, and some of them may even run on electricity. Traditional signs are those made out of wood, metal, plastic, or some combination of those, and such signs may be placed right over the establishment’s front door. Some signs are larger, and are placed on top of the roof to attract people from further away. And yet other businesses, such as auto shops or fast food restaurants, often put their signs on top of tall poles to be visible from a great distance. Often, signs with plastic fronts have lights inside, and at night, those lights will illuminate the entire sign and make it visible at night. This not only draws the eye, but doubles as a message saying “open for business.” A business may turn those lights off when it closes, both to save power and to send a “we’re closed” message for customers’ convenience.

Some signs are, in fact, digital display screens, or neon light displays. A digital screen can vary in size and may be programmed to have any sort of visual, and these signs are often animated, too. These electronic screens can be used day or night, and they, along with neon lights, are especially useful for drawing attention at night. Night-based establishments such as bars, nightclubs, and movie theaters may use them quite often.

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