The Revolutionizing Boring Head Industry Continues to Roll

Boring inserts

The machining process that is boring involves making a hole that already has been drilled larger either by using a cutting tool with a single point of contact or using a boring head, which has several tools wrapped together into one larger tool. So obviously, a boring head is most suitable in environments where boring is going to happen on a regular basis. It cuts time and saves on costs too. That being said, boring really has its own niche in machining because of its inherent complexities over other methods like turning. So there are ups and downs to using boring heads with any process, though most are ups.

For applications in which boring is a necessity, there are tons of boring head related products on the machining market. There are boring inserts and other boring tools that help make any boring process go much more smoothly. Plus, there are lots of boring machine styles, with smaller and larger types to suit each need. Boring operations on smaller work pieces, for instance, are usually done on a lathe, while those on larger work pieces are created using boring mills. With the lathe process, there are generally two types of geometric shapes that come with it, either straight holes or tapered holes, so it definitely depends on which application is needed as to whether lathes should be used.

With respect to inserts involved with cutting, there are some constructed from ceramic and carbide that have helped to speed up the accuracy and improve the quality of the surface of each project where a boring tool like an insert is used. These grades, which are relatively new to the market, are helping to revolutionize the boring head industry and even manufacturing in general because they additionally have enhanced in size the range of hardness that these work pieces can achieve.

Of course, when choosing a boring head or similar product for this type of machining need, customization is key. Not every boring head is going to be easily customized to suit each individual need, but there are companies that offer more varieties of heads and other tools related to this machining process that the chances of getting a precise need met are greater. So the search for the proper boring head, including the application and determining the work piece size in question, must occur before any search can begin for the proper boring head for each individual necessary application.


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