The Pros and Cons of Pharmaceutical Packaging

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Doctors and patients alike benefit from our modern pharmaceutical industry in the U.S. With new innovations in packaging and tracking using e-pedigree serialisation, medication arrives safely and conveniently to the patient. Thanks to e-pedigree serialisation, any defects found with pharmaceutical products can be tracked and alerted using the medication’s e-pedigree serialisation QR code. Nearly half of the population uses prescription drugs, making prescription packaging a concern with parents of young children. Here are the most popular packaging available in pharmaceuticals.

Blister Packs
A blister pack is a plastic shell with a foil or card backing that allows for a convenient, single-use dosage. Thanks to the sturdy plastic casing, the medicine stays sterile and protected from damage, making it a common choice for many over-the-counter products. Many pharmaceutical companies choose blister packaging for its manufacturing speed, allowing large amounts of product to be packaged in a relatively short amount of time. The degree of customizability with the packaging allows companies to choose a variety of blister packaging designs; some even include coupons for the company’s products. Thankfully, children have difficulty opening up the package thanks to the blister package’s durable design.

Bottle Packaging
The most traditional packaging option would be the humble pill bottle. The design has evolved over the years, giving plastic pill bottles a variety of cap options including child-safe, snap-off, and twist-off. The product inside remains safe and untouched thanks to liners and seals, assuring that the product has not been tampered with. E-pedigree serialisation allows for many bottles to have code printing to identify the product in the case of a contaminant or mistake.

Pouch Packaging
Many liquid pharmaceutical products are packaged in disposable, easy-open pouches or sachets. Like their counterparts, pouches have a variety of packaging options including child-safe seals, strip seals, and easy open designs. Pouch packaging is convenient thanks to its pre-measured doses and disposable containers. Pharmaceutical packaging companies continue to develop new and intricate ways to give patients the medicine they need.

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