The Pros and Cons of Mass Notification Systems

Employee alert system

In this age of electronic communication, many industries are embracing the need for a mass notification system in the case of an emergency. With these emergency notification apps or programs, users will receive text message alerts when there is news of a potentially dangerous situation. Because our society is universally attached to our cell phones, many companies have realized that this is the best way to get the word out about a crisis or an event. But as with any type of software or system, mass notification systems do have their pros and cons. We’ve outlined some of them below.


  • Emergency notification systems provide a direct link to users that they will see, instead of an e-mail or social media post they may miss
  • Mass alert systems reduce the spread of misinformation, eliminate errors, and get everyone on the same page at the same time at a fast rate
  • Can be used for a variety of circumstances: emergencies, closures, changes, cancellations, reminders, and more
  • Text notification systems show users that you want to communicate in an efficient way and that you care
  • These systems allow users private information to be protected


  • Although many say they’re worth the cost, emergency notification systems are not cheap — which isn’t the best option for industries with tight budgets
  • These emergency alert systems require maintenance and training, which can take time away from other resources
  • Relies on current contact information and reliable service — users will not receive the messages if their phone number has changed, if there’s an error, or their phone has no service due to location or outages

Although no mass notification system is perfect and without room for error, it’s become increasingly more important for companies, schools, and other facilities to embrace the idea of mass notification solutions for emergencies. Unfortunately, our country has seen far too many crises for us to not keep up with the times. Since we use our cell phones nearly all our daily tasks, it seems perfectly reasonable to want to receive urgent news via this outlet, too. Whether you want to keep employees informed about a critical meeting or need to get the word out to worried parents that their children are safe, having access to a mass alert system can be crucial for many industries.


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