The Many Uses of Fluoropolymer Sleeving

What is Fluoropolymer Sleeving?

Fluoropolymer sleeving is a heat shrinkable plastic tubing that goes outside of wires. It is made to resist elements such as heat, electricity, and chemicals. It creates an extra barrier of protection around various kinds of wiring that are exposed to extreme situation.

This sleeving is used in a broad spectrum of industries and applications. Below we will take a look at some of the more popular industries the tubing is used in and what it does for each to give you a better understanding of its resilience and uses.

Medical Uses

Fluorpolymer sleeving is most commonly seen by the average person in a medical setting. If you’ve ever been hooked to an IV then it is likely that you’ve seen this tubing at work. The tubes that carry liquids to your body through your IV are often made of this material, because the sleeve is non-toxic and bio-compatible.

Electrical Uses

These wire covers are often used in industrial level electrical situations. When wires need extra protection against elements like heat and voltage, fluoropolymer sleeves can provide it. They’re also used in items you might find in your kitchen though, like a toaster. From the largest electrical applications to the smallest, these sleeves are everywhere.

Mechanical Uses

Fluoropolymer wire sleeves really come in handy when it comes to mechanical uses. From the automotive industry to trains to aerospace technology, this tubing provides needed protection in situations where a damaged wire could cause serious problems. They help keep cars running and trains from malfunctioning, which are incredibly important jobs that can be a matter of life and death in certain situations.

Serious Wire Protection

There are endless items and places where this kind of sleeving can be used and it is important in every application. It helps keep wires functioning properly under a variety of conditions so that serious issues don’t arise. It is strong, resilient, and dependable which is why so many different industries rely on it. If you are working in industry where you need wire protection, you should consider utilizing fluoropolymer sleeving. It will help to make your products, large or small, the best they can be.

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