The Many Different Uses Of Tumbling Drums


Tumbling drums can have lots of practical purposes, but are particularly useful in the food industry. They can be used effectively as a food crusher, as well as a food processor. Tumbling drums can be used to polish plastic parts as well and can also be used to remove material from its parts, which can take as little as six hours but up to twenty four hours. It’s a machine that is hugely versatile and a must for a number of industries. For example, a tumbling drum and rotary crusher can be used ideally as part of the recycling process as well as food processing. It’s important to note that tumbling drums can be recalibrated to suit its specific purpose at any given moment. All services require different amounts of time to be completed, as well. For instance, polishing plastic parts usually takes up to fifteen hours, but the results can be even better than hand buffing.

There are important restriction to follow when using tumbling drums, however. It’s important not to overfill or under fill a barrel load, for example. A barrel load should not be under 45% full but at the same time should not be overfilled, which is considered over 60% full. Even loads that are around 45% full are serviceable but do not provide as smooth of a finish. The optimum load is that of 50%. It’s important to consider the quality of the parts that you put into a barrel load, because this will influence how many can be put in. Things to consider are, but are not limited to, fragility, the size of the barrel, and the size of the part. The shape and weight of the part in consideration must also be factored in. The speed of the barrel is another thing to consider. On average, barrel speeds in dry tumbling scenarios do not typically go over 32 RPM or under 28 RPM.

Tumbling drums have a variety of uses, from dry tumbling of materials to wet tumbling. Food processing can be a practical use of a tumbling drum as well as plastic polishing and for recycling purposes. It’s important, however, to make sure that the machine is calibrated for each different use in order to ensure the best results possible. Tumbling drums can be hugely useful tools but must, of course, be used responsibly and with purpose.

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