The Many Benefits of A-Boards in Advertising

As most business owners understand, marketing and branding are what create the core message of the business. They are how business promote themselves and their products in a way that catches consumers’ attention and encourages them to patronize the business and remember the brand.

Marketing and branding cover everything from creating fliers and signage to online marketing, websites, social media, and more. While many people have turned their attention to online marketing, there is still plenty of research to suggest that traditional marketing including signage plays a significant role in how consumers see a business.

One study found that almost 85% of research participants stated that signs “convey the personality or character of the business.” Further, signage is essential to attracting local customers. A well-placed sign can be seen 50 to 60 times each month by those that regularly travel through the area. Over 70% of consumers stated that they look at roadside signs and advertisements.

The return on investment value of an on-site sign is better than 24 full-page newspaper ads over the course of a year. The research is clear in the importance of effective signage. This leads to the question: what is the best type of signage?

There are several options for businesses when it comes to onsite signage. There are, of course, signs for the front of your building or business with the name of the business typically over the door, so people know exactly where the business is located. There can also be window or door signs. Street signs are often eye catching and help get the attention of those driving through the area.

Banners are ideal for community events, farmers markets, flea markets, and other temporary events or sales. They are often bright and appear temporary, which attracts people to look at them because they instinctively don’t want to miss something happening.

Another option is what is called an a-board. These are movable boards that have two sides and stand up kind of like a tent with a brace going across the center. They are ideal for temporary events or to place outside your business near the street or side walk. They can have permanent messages on them, or they can be made of chalk board or white board material allowing you to customize the message each day.

A-boards are also fun to have. They can be moved to where ever you want the message to be seen, and they are often less expensive than other types of signs because they are not permanent. If your business is located somewhere with a lot of foot traffic or seasonal traffic, a-boards are the ideal solution to get people to stop into your business.

There are many eco friendly sign options that allow you to advertise your business while making a statement about your values. Many consumers want to know what the businesses stand for that they are supporting. Having a custom display board made cane allow you to create an image to represent your brand.

While marketing and branding go hand-in-hand, they are distinct and both need to be considered when having signs made for your business. A-boards can accomplish both by displaying the brand while also marketing to local clientele.

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