The Majority of Business Owners Make the Same Mistake; What Is It?

Outdoor street clocks

Business and restaurant owners put an incredible amount of thought into interior design — and some take creativity to new extremes. In Tokyo, Japan, for example, designers are capitalizing on a growing obsession with a relatively new restaurant, the Vampire Cafe. “With blood-colored floors and baroque music playing in the background, this theme restaurant serves vampire-named dishes that are said to be a mix of Italian, French and Japanese cuisine,” Woman’s Day explains. “The atmosphere is dark and filled with crucifixes, candelabra and Dracula’s coffin.”

The emphasis on interiors, however, may actually distract from exteriors. Business owners are spending so much time and money on interior design, they often neglect exteriors. This is a critical mistake. Exteriors are the first thing customers, clients, and/or patrons see, and they have the potential to draw in crowds. Here’s how to do it:

Don’t Be Afraid Of Color

Look around you. Just about all establishments favor a very neutral color scheme; off-white, gray, and light brown paints and materials are very popular. Stand out from the competition by introducing a bold or rich color. “The trend toward more varied exterior colors has become increasingly prevalent in the residential space. And commercial buildings, in an effort to stand out from the competition and be more appealing to customers, are quickly following suit, moving from monochromatic and white palettes to a rainbow of color infusion,” paint experts Dunn-Edwards explain. Striking golds, yellows, and reds are in vogue. Coffee browns or sage greens are a rich — but slightly more understated — choice.

Think About The Bigger Picture

There are exceptions to that rule, however. For example, if you are designing a restaurant in an extraordinary or compelling location, choose color schemes and exteriors that will naturally play up the view — not distract from it. White or monochromatic materials will draw the eye to the view.

String Up Some Lights

Commercial outdoor lighting fixtures can make an incredible difference. Complement striking golds and reds with understated colonial outdoor lighting fixtures. Colonial or rustic outdoor lighting fixtures will prevent exteriors from looking too bright or too bold. Vintage outdoor lighting fixtures and antique street lamp posts mesh well with any exterior design.

Don’t turn off customers with a boring exterior. Stand out from your competition by painting establishments bold and/or rich colors and livening up spaces with colonial outdoor lighting fixtures. Read more here.

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