The Key to Effective Online Marketing

Types of internet advertising

Did you know that, according to Com Score, as many as 1,890 searches take place per second, and that, in any given day, internet users share 27 million pieces of content? It is pretty clear. Consumers are on the web, and companies’ hopes of reaching them depend on creating a strong online presence. What are some of the most effective online marketing strategies, and how can search marketing and online advertising services help?

Quality SEO and Content Marketing

SEO, or search engine optimization, utilizes key terms, quality, and visuals to achieve top search engine rankings. With an increasing shift toward quality, producing original and valuable content is key. Northwestern University professor Don Schultz states it plainly, “I really believe that content marketing is the future of all marketing.” Moreover, 61% of customers admit they are more likely to make purchases after reading original content, and regular blog posts grant companies an average of 97% more organic links.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

It is always smart to diversify marketing strategies. Tried and true tactics, such as e-mail campaigns and pay per click ads, continue to hold up remarkably well. In fact, the number of companies using e-mail advertisements actually increased by as much as 25% since 2012. Pay per click search engine ads, on the other hand, continue to supplement company incomes and convert leads. Pay per click ads are also becoming increasingly complex. Modern marketers typically favor redirecting PPC, which targets consumers who originally visited company pages only.

When Should You Outsource Internet Marketing?

Quality search and online marketing take time and effort. Small and medium-sized businesses, then, are at a considerable disadvantage. Larger competitors often have the means and resources to devote a greater amount of time to marketing efforts. Small businesses can even the playing field by seeking expert help where they need it, especially with SEO and PPC advertisements.

Consumers are online, plain and simple. Reaching them depends on quality search marketing, and diversifying marketing strategies (often utilizing proven tactics, like e-mail marketing and pay per click search engine ads).

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