The Gruesome Facts About Office Germs

Disinfection room

Do you know how filthy with germs your work place really is? Well, if you’d rather not know, you should stop reading right now, because you are not going to like what you hear. But just to give you a little glimpse of what to expect, studies have found that the surface of the average office desk contains up to 10 million bacteria.

While that may seem horrific enough to some people, the fact is that workers’ personal desks are not nearly the dirtiest places in the office. The notoriety for the official filthiest place in any random office is a toss-up among bathroom sinks, vending machines, break room appliances, and any shared computer keyboards. Given the number of germs that collect in such places, the Centers for Disease Control estimates that 80% of infections are transported via direct contact with contaminated surfaces.

When it comes to fighting work place germs and bacteria, the best solution is to force every employee to wash their hands several times a day, and to have them scrub down their desks with the leading disinfectant products. However, since it is impossible to force full-grown adults to wash their hands, the best solution is to use the best disinfectant cleaners to sanitize all office spaces that employees touch.

It is always best to start with bathrooms, break rooms, and entry ways. After that it would be wise for individual employees to take a bit of responsibility for their own personal hygiene habits, and try their best to use a hydrogen peroxide disinfecting agent on their personal works spaces. Of course, high-quality disinfectant products always work best when people at least wash their hands before leaving the bathroom.

Although some germs are pretty harmless, there are other types that are not only gross, but can get people sick. There are many ways to minimize the amount of germs spread around the work place. But the most effective method of getting rid of germs is a combination of excellent personal hygiene, and the very best disinfectant products on the market.