The Great News About Using Plastic

Over the last few years, plastic has been labeled as being harmful to the environment. The good news, according to industrial plastic distributors is that using this maligned material may be actually a way to increase sustainability.

When people look at plastic distribution services, the first bonus is just how versatile it can be. It can be used for a wide variety of products and works for just about every industry. The material itself is lightweight. It can be made into a nearly infinite number of shapes and colors.

  1. Experts agree that it can also be a driving force against climate change. People familiar with the industry have reported that about 4% of the planet’s oil production. It is much more energy efficient to manufacture plastics than it is to make paper, metals, and glass.
  2. There are a number of environmental benefits seen by industrial plastic distributors, the material is used in the following ways:
  3. When Airbus started using plastic to manufacture its A380 aircraft, they saw a 15% decrease in their operating costs and in the amount of fuel they use to make these planes.
  4. Cars made from the material are lighter and more fuel efficient. In fact, over the lifespan of a car, about 198 gallons of gas can be saved. The reduction in oil consumption is huge.
  5. Suppliers of renewable energy rely on industrial plastic distributors to create their wind turbine, solar panels, and tubes.
  6. People with energy efficient homes use a lot of plastic. All of the devices they use to reduce their carbon footprint have at least some plastic in them. These items have a long life expectancy and do not take a lot of work to maintain.
  7. Homes that are insulated with expanded polystyrene are more efficient. Less energy to heat and cool.
  8. Plastic tubing saves water. When water systems are moved to water pipes made from this material, they experience less in the way of leakages.
  9. Advancement in the way plastics are made are getting more and more efficient. The amount of energy it takes to make it ha gone down between 20% and 50% from a decade ago.
  10. This material is great for insulating power wiring.
  11. When used to move items or water, more can be done with less. For instance, a plastic bag can weight at least six times less than bags made from other material.
  12. When plastic bottles are used, they utilize about 40% less energy than glass or metal.
  13. Plastics can be recycled. It has been eliminated that an item made from plastic can be recycled at least six times. Once an item has reached the end of its life, it can be used to provide power. That way it can avoid the fate of going to a landfill, where it does no one any good.
  14. Industrial plastics distributors are often quick to note that the material make up of about 8% of the waste generated but most of that is recycled and not sent to a landfill.

Industrial plastic distributors help the world become safer and save lives. While the planet Earth is covered with water, too many people lack access to potable water. By using plastic pouches and bottles, more people get access to it. Raw plastic distributors make it possible for co companies around the globe to develop and manufacture a host of plastic items.

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