The Great Benefits of Making Charity Clothing Donations

Charities for wounded soldiers

Most of us like to give back to our communities and like the idea of helping families in need. Many of us are not sure what the best thing to do is. We all know that monetary donations are always appreciated but not everyone can do that. That is where charity clothing donations come in. These can be used almost immediately by people who need them.

The Benefits to Making Charity Clothing Donations:

  1. It is good for you. Researchers in many studies around the country have found that donating time, money or belongings is good for the person doing the donating. Researchers at Stony Brook University have found the people who volunteer their time suffer less from the problems associated with chronic health conditions such as HIV and muscular sclerosis. They also found the people who donate or volunteer experience what they call a “helper’s high.” This shows a connection to reduced stress and better sleep.
  2. You will get something back. People who give back, get back. It does not happen immediately nor is is from the person or entity to whom they give to. Sone research has indicated that the mere act of seeing kindness in action can change a person’s brain chemistry. What the exact reason for this is not known but people who are generous are rewarded with other people’s generosity at some point.
  3. These donations help people in several ways. In the first place, charity clothing donations can go directly towards helping military families or other who need the clothing. Clothes that are not given to people to use right away can b e sold at used clothing stores. The money from those sales goes directly to the charities’ operating budget and lets them stay open helping children, families and veterans. About 45% of the clothing that gets donated is worn.
  4. You get a cleaner closet. If you are like most people, you have a closet full of things you never will wear again. Organizing experts say that if you live in an area with seasons, you should go through your closet about twice a year and take out all of the clothes you no longer wear. If you have not worn an item for two consecutive seasons, you should part ways with it. This can keep you from gaining back any weight that you lost. Tim Gunn recommends thinking about the sentimental value of your different items, “Keep your wedding dress,” he has said. “Lose that old turtle neck that you have not worn in years.” If you have kids who grow out of their winter jackets and gear, those can be used by other families. Also, just because you do not like a shirt or dress does mean that someone else will feel the same way.
  5. Making charity clothing donations is good for the environment. Every year, most people send nearly 70 pounds of clothing each to landfills. If we were to make charity clothing donations of the clothing we send to landfall we would be helping other people while keeping more stuff from going to landfills where it does no one any good. In fact, items that are decomposing in landfills are some of the biggest contributors to global warming.
  6. You get a tax refund. All charity clothing donations can be taken off of the bill you owe the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Any donations over $250 need an accompanying receipt. A man’s coat can be worth $60 on your taxes. Just keep itemized records of what you donate and how much you and the charity think it is worth. You do not even have to itemize your taxes to get the benefit.

Doing good things for others is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family. When people donate to charities in their region, they strengthen the community bonds that tie everyone together. This creates an environment where people feel more connected to each other and the world in general. From getting the health benefits of donating to the changes in our brain chemistry we experience when we witness an act of kindness, there really is no downside to making charity clothing donations.

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