The Germs Are Out and About How You Can Stay Vigilant

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Everyone knows there are germs everywhere and we teach our kids to wash hands regularly, cover your nose or mouth when coughing and sneezing, and try to keep our homes as clean as possible. But what about where we go to work or school? Those can be completely different stories. In some ways, it’s probably a good thing that we can’t see germs: we might never leave our houses, we’d be so disgusted! However, it’s important for everyone’s safety that key places are being cleaned regularly and well. School cleaning services, medical office cleaning services, and office cleaning services are key players in keeping us as germ free and healthy as possible.
Is It Really All That Bad?
You’d be surprised. Think about all the times you’ve personally coughed or sneezed or not washed your hands when you’re supposed to, and then gone and put your hands on doorknobs, your phone, your keyboard, etc. And then think about everyone who has done the exact same thing at your work, school, or gym. It’s kind of frightening, isn’t it?
DId you know that a dirty desk can have about 400 times more bacteria on it than a toilet seat? That’s pretty gross. And while almost a third of people surveyed said that they thought their keyboard and phone were the filthiest things in their office, less than 10% of those people cleaned those objects regularly.
During flu and cold season, these germ levels can be upped even further. It’s important, especially if you work around sick people, children, or adults, that your spaces be cleaned regularly. Medical office cleaning services should be there a few times a day, for example, making sure the space is as safe as possible for people.
Are People Really As Worried As They Claim?
Heck yes, people are worried! And they notice — almost 50% of people who took a Staples survey said that they noticed when a co-worker left dirty dishes in the sink. The rate of concern among workers about catching a bug at work is almost 100% — which says something about the confidence level of their office cleanliness. Lastly, almost 90% of adults wouldn’t go exercise at their gym or another facility if it had been reported to have sanitation issues, according to Harris Interactive.
As cavalier as people may seem about cleanliness, when it comes to their personal sphere, it becomes very serious. No one will ever confess to not washing their hands (although plenty don’t), but God forbid it become clear that you don’t, for example. It’s better for everyone if people are conscious of others and do their part in keeping their environment as clean as possible.
What Can We Do About It?
Do make sure that cleaning services are coming regularly — medical office cleaning services should probably come more frequently than school janitors, for example, given the nature of their work. Keep disinfectant wipes and tissues on hand, as well as hand sanitizer. Be sure that people are picking up their spaces and being respectful of other people’s spaces. Do your part to keep your environment a cleaner place to be! Find out more here.

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