The Benefits of Steel Storage Containers to Provide Homes and Other Necessary Spaces for Storm-Ravaged Areas

Office in container

Even though there are more than 17 million steel shipping containers currently in circulation throughout the world, just 5 million of these are actually being used within the shipping industry, according to Billie Box. Given this, there are about 12 million that could be transformed into homes.

Since recent storms have devastated several major areas within the United States, shipping containers could be transformed into housing for the individuals and families that were displaced as a result. Storage container modifications can be made to create comfortable living quarters. Doors, windows, climate control, and other interior modifications can be made. It’s highly likely that these modified containers would prove to be a welcome alternative to living in shelters.

Furthermore, since traditional building materials aren’t needed, this provides additional savings during a time when so much infrastructure needs to be rebuilt. While some wood might be used to build shelves, tables, and for other purposes, brick and mortar would not be needed.

As efforts are being made to rebuild these storm-ravaged and flooded areas, storage containers could also be used for supplies, pop-up stores, offices, classrooms, and other important purposes. Furthermore, when you buy used storage containers, you are also recycling about 3.500 kilograms of steel.

You may be interested to know the proportions and how much storage space these containers can provide. When measured in shoe boxes, for example, a standard TEU container can hold about 3,500. A 40-foot-high cube, however, can hold over 8,000 shoe-sized boxes.

Since there is less construction time involved when you buy used storage containers for housing and other purposes, this, in itself, can make a significant impact on the current state-of-affairs. When these shipping containers receive regular maintenance, Container Auction reports that they have a 20-year lifespan.

When you consider both the availability and the benefits of using steel storage containers, it makes sense to consider using them to provide housing and other necessary spaces. Given the variety of modifications that can be made on these containers, they are a versatile option for the current crisis.

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