The Benefits of Powder Coating and Liquid Powder Coating

Coatings are able to work for the benefit of floors, walls, and other areas that may take a great deal of stress. Different coatings are able to provide both decoration and protection, and the type of coating that you choose is often determined on the specific need for your space.

Powder and Liquid Powder Coatings Market

Powder coating is a dry finishing process that makes up over 15% of the total industrial finishing market. Additionally, these coatings are considered to be completely solid, and they don’t require solvents in order to be formed like liquid coatings do. They also have a minimal amount of VOC emissions, keeping them environmentally friendly and more popular than other coatings.

With the popularity of liquid powder coatings and powder coatings, there is much to see in their coming growth over the next few years. Being more environmentally friendly, the coating industry is expected to increase by about 3% annually. In regard to the full value, the global powder coating market is expected to grow to almost $12.5 billion by 2020. With powder coatings and liquid powder coatings needed for the appliance industry the most, these are able a third of all products that are coated.

Industrial Powder Coatings

As you see above, appliances are most often coated by liquid powder or powder. There are so many different types of coatings that can be used based upon the requirement of the location or appliance that needs to be coated. Some of these are much more than appliances alone and the powder coatings that are the most common. There are also professional finishes, sandblasting services, and enhanced powder coating. While not all of these may be needed in different areas, they are available if they would be proven as the best powder coating options available.

With billions of dollars into the powder coatings market already, there is much to see for the growth of this industry to come over the next few years. So many different needs exist for protecting appliances, machines, and even buildings. Even the ability to decorate with powder coatings provides great service from these quality items. No matter what, there is much to benefit from powder coatings and liquid powder coatings for all places where they can be used.

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