The Benefits Of Modular Construction Here In The United States

The typical portable building company is likely to see a great period of growth in the coming years as modular building practices become more commonplace. We can already begin to see the beginning of this growth, with as many as forty percent of all contractors stating that modular construction (often through a portable building company) is part of their future, if not already part of their company and business in the current day.

There are many uses for portable buildings that have been constructed using modular construction methods. School portable buildings, for instance, are widely used throughout the entirety of the United States. And while the vast majority of all schools in this country (ninety nine percent of them) have at least one permanent building, more than thirty percent (thirty one percent, to be exact) also make use of portable classrooms. These portable classrooms are typically put into use when the population of the school becomes too big for the original building to handle, or when renovations or additions are being made to the original school building.

Portable modular buildings can also be very useful for many church congregations in the United States, as there are as many as one hundred and fifty six million unchurched people in just this country alone. If you are unfamiliar with what this means, unchurched simply describes a congregation that does not have its own meeting place and must often use the meeting places of other buildings, such as schools or even other churches. In the interim between finding a location and building a permanent church, portable buildings can be used to house the congregation in a space that they can call their own, if even on a temporary basis. And it must also be noted that the church going population is growing every year, with more than half of all people in the United States saying that they go to church on at least a somewhat regular basis. When churches reach a congregation size of ten thousand people or more, many churches decide to open up a brand new second site for worship – and while this site is being built, will often use portable buildings to house their excess congregation.

From the school portable building to the portable building used for church services, the average portable building company that uses modular building techniques has quite a bit of work waiting for them. But why choose a portable building company to build your modular building? For one, hiring a portable building company instead of a company that uses more traditional building methods is likely to take far less time, as many components of the construction project can actually be conducted in a factory setting. In fact, construction time can be decreased by half (fifty percent) when methods of modular construction are used. This is directly linked to the fact that as much as ninety percent of any given prefab structure (and typically no less than sixty percent) is made in a factory setting before being shipped to the location where it will be more fully built. And because a portable building company conducts so much of their work in the controlled environment of a factory, there is no need for weather delays and other outside factors to contribute to a slowing down of the work, causing modular construction projects to be completed as much as forty percent more quickly than similar projects that use more traditional methods of construction.

The cost offered by a portable building company is also very much lower than the cost that you would see offered by a building or construction company that was using much more traditional means of construction. In fact, the construction of the typical portable school building by a portable building company is even likely to be seventy seven percent less expensive than a classroom that was added onto the existing structure of the original school building itself. And though this percentage of savings will not be the case every single time, typically at least thirty six percent of the building cost is able to be saved when modular construction methods are used by a portable building company that is constructing portable and modular buildings for schools and churches.

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