The 4 Benefits Of Using Third Party Employment Verification Services

Using Third Party Employment Verification Services

Background checks are an essential part of hiring qualified and trustworthy employees. While it would be nice to trust everyone who walks in for an interview, we know not everything is always as it seems. However, conducting a background check on your own can be a difficult, and time consuming process. One that is filled with complicated laws and regulations that can be confusing to try and navigate on your own. Attempting to conduct your own employment screenings opens your business up to risks, and potential dangers, that could have been avoided with a thorough professional screening.

The Differences Between In House and Third Party Screenings

  • In House. Conducting a background check in house can involving contacting past references, and verifying employment history, both of which are easy enough to do, assuming the candidate provided the correct contact information. However, to check criminal history you may be required to contact the local courthouse, or other judicial offices. This can be roundabout and time consuming on it’s own, and can also cost accrue fees in exchange for the information given. The exact process, and amount, can differ depending on what you need, and when trying to screen multiple candidates it can all stack up quickly.
  • Third Party. Third party employment verification services often have established connections with judicial courts and offices, meaning it’s easier for them to find and evaluate information. Additionally, they can be more affordable, flexible, and efficient when compared to in house options. Often all an employer will have to provide is the candidate’s application information, and authorization forms. With that a third party will be able to review employment history and criminal history, without creating additional hassle for you.

The Benefits Of Third Party Employment Verification Services

  • Less Time. Businesses only have so much time and resources that they can dedicate to employment verification. When you factor in learning the background check process, finding out the best ways to uncover certain information, and compiling and reviewing each candidate’s screening results, it can end up being a time consuming, and expensive process. This can add up to an estimated $63,000 every year, and can be a financial drain that businesses just don’t need. A third party can produce results in as little as an hour in some cases, which means you can fill empty roles much faster than usual.
  • Privacy. Third party employment verification services act as a neutral party that is capable of handling sensitive information without issue. Some applicants may be hesitant to undergo a background check, simply because identity theft is an issue we unfortunately have to worry about today. Having your personal information made available can understandably be concerning to some applicants. Ensuring them that a professional service, trained to handle their private information with care, is conducting the check, can make them feel more at ease.
  • Broad Scope. A background screening service is also capable of digging deeper than an in house team could on their own. This means you can be assured that each candidate is being thoroughly vetted, and that you’re not hiring someone who’s lying about their previous records. These companies can also check records across the country simultaneously, meaning your in house team won’t have to spend hours trying to contact out of state judicial offices, some of which may only offer in person contact options.
  • Laws. Many states have specific guidelines that are complex and hard to adhere to without proper training. This puts employers at risk of breaching regulations, and potentially accruing fines. By using a third party service, the accountability is removed from the company, and placed with a trusted source that knows the laws and how to abide by them.