Taking Care Of Your Kiln Is Almost As Important As Creating Your Art

The art of ceramics takes a very long time to be able to perfect, for those who have been working at this for years know the hard work and dedication that go into the objects that are made by hand and sculpted to be just the right representation of your own personal art. The art of ceramics and working with a kiln dates back to 6,000 CBE when the kiln was only capable of firing up to 600 degrees Celsius (that’s 1,652 degrees Fahrenheit). Compared to today when a kiln can fire anywhere from 1,800 to 2,400 degrees there’s a major difference between the two temps. Which means that there must also be growth in your ceramic coatings that protect your pieces. But what is the best ceramic coating for your piece and better yet, what is a ceramic coating at all?

What is a ceramic coating?

A ceramic coating is a coating of cement that protects your items from breaking, cracking, or losing their detailed perfections within the kiln. These over layers are responsible for keeping the integrity of your pieces and assuring that your work is the exact thing you wanted in the first place when you made it prior to placing it in the kiln. With how hot the kiln gets, it is important to make sure you use the best ceramic coating for your object in order to retain the hard work that you’ve put into making it.

What is a ceramic coating kit?

Ceramic coating kits are kits that have the correct coating for the object you are making. Different types of pottery and paints require certain coatings. It is important to know which is the best ceramic coating for your objects and doing your research into assuring that you are using the best high temperature ceramic coating is a very important part of putting your objects together and keeping them in the correct shape when they are in the kiln.

ITC 100

An ITC 100 application is a coating that can be used in high temperatures within the kiln and the kilns elements. This certain type of coating is made for kilns that have insulating brick, fiber interiors, and even lightweight castables. This coating allows you to protect your kiln and save fuel from being burned too fast within your kiln. This will prevent you from having to find a kiln repair service near you more often.

Your kiln elements will most likely be able to withstand 100 firings without having to be replaced, in order to make sure this is true, using the best ceramic coating is important to being sure that your kiln can withstand the years of use and firings that will happen when you’re making your art that you love and feel inspired by. Protecting your kiln is a very big part of that and understanding that your kiln needs the upkeep is another part in making your beautiful art.

High temp coatings are important with all times of ceramics, taking care of your machines and being sure that they are ready for all of the pottery that you may need them to fire and seal is just another part of making your art and sharing it with the world. If you love what you do and you want to be sure that you can continue to fo it for years to come than finding the best ceramic coating is the way to go about continuing on with your art form and making sure that you and your kiln are ready for whatever you may be ready to throw at it over the years.

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