Taking a Look At the Rise Of The Shipping Container In The US

From custom shipping containers to steel shipping containers, there are an incredible amount of shipping containers all throughout the world – up to seventeen million of them. Unfortunately, however, all too many of these custom shipping containers are simply going to waste, as only just over five million (around six million, to be more exact) are actually in use for the purposes of shipping. This leaves the vast majority of them to simply sit around, take up space, and contribute to the growing waste problem that is engulfing the world.

Fortunately, there are many different ways in which we can effectively use these custom shipping containers and other types of shipping containers, uses that will keep them from becoming waste but will instead turn them into something very environmentally friendly indeed. For up to eleven million shipping containers not just here in the United States but all throughout the world, shipping containers present a whole realm of possibility.

Most commonly, custom shipping containers are fashioned into buildings. As your average shipping container is eight feet wide and nearly ten feet tall, with up to twenty to thirty feet in height, there is plenty of room to use it as a space for people to inhabit. In some cases, shipping containers are even stacked on top of one another or laid out next to each other, giving even more space to the intended structure.

And custom shipping containers can be fashioned into many different such structures. For instance, shipping container homes have become hugely popular here in the United States, especially as modes of modular construction have truly just taken off. Not only are custom shipping containers inexpensive to fashion into homes, but they are highly affordable as well.

For many people, shipping container homes provide them with access to stable and affordable housing for a considerable period of time, as shipping container homes, when provided the proper care, can easily last for up to twenty five years, if not even longer than that. Shipping container homes are also likely to be ideal for anyone who is living with any sort of disability, as shipping container homes and custom shipping containers do not need very much maintenance at all to stay in good condition, something that cannot always be said of other residences (in fact, it is most often the case that it cannot be said).

A shipping container studio is also a type of shipping container dwelling that is becoming more and more prominent throughout the United States. These shipping container studios can easily house a single person and can be ideal for young people who don’t have all too many needs for their homes and can live simply. Of course, a shipping container studio can be used as an actual artistic studio as well, which will be ideal for any artist who is short on money but who does not have enough space in their actual home to create their art.

And shipping container retail stores and cafes have also become widely seen all throughout the country. In fact, it is the shipping container cafe – a Starbucks, to be more specific – that is thought to have started the widespread use of and interest in shipping containers in the first place, back when they opened a custom shipping container cafe back in the year of 2011.

As can be inferred from all of the above, shipping containers are incredibly versatile and very amenable to shipping container modifications on a whole. Shipping container modifications can turn a mere shipping container into something that is really and truly special. It can turn a shipping container into a home, a place of work, or a place to create art. Custom shipping containers can have a great deal of variety in them too, making it easy to make your modified shipping container your own, no matter what purpose you might have in owning it.

From saving money to saving the environment to providing affordable housing those who are in need of it, the trend of using custom shipping containers to create structures of various types is not likely to fade.

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