Taking A Look At The New World Of Advertising In the Entirety Of The World

As consumer market research companies and throughout the world as a whole will be aware of, the need for consumer market research companies to expand and adapt is growing more prevalent than ever before. After all, we live in a world that is growing and changing constantly.

It is particularly growing rapidly when it comes to the technology in our world, especially in countries like here in the United States. Technology has changed many aspects of our life, from how we travel to how we spend our free time. It has even changed the way in which we view advertisements, with consumer market research companies advising companies to budget most of their advertising and marketing money for online advertising uses.

The benefit of this can be seen by data that has been recently gathered. Such data has found that very nearly half of all consumers and potential customers – about forty five percent of them, to be more exact – will habitually research a product on their phone before purchasing it. They primarily do this to stay on top of prices, and advertising your product or service online can help you to let customers know that you price things competitively and are a better option than other companies who are selling very similar products.

Of course, it has even become the norm – and the expectation – for various companies and their brands to have some sort of online presence, even if it is only just a limited one. In fact, up to ninety five percent of consumers and potential customers expect the brands and businesses that they purchase from to have some sort of online establishment. If you as a brand do not, you are likely to even lose customers in the long run for a number of different reasons.

As consumer market research companies and those who otherwise specialize in marketing analysis know and as consumer research has shown on a consistent basis, ecommerce and the world of online shopping is more vast than it has ever been before. With the ecommerce world growing on a constant basis, it is incredibly important that brands and businesses be able to market their products on online platforms as well.

On top of this, a lack of an online presence might even be seen as untrustworthy, as many consumers and potential customers will be looking to conduct as much research as possible when they are considering making a purchase. If they are not able to successfully and adequately do this, it is all too likely that they will simply decide to take their business elsewhere. For many businesses and brands throughout the United States as well as the world, this has the potential to have a disastrous impact on the business that they are able to do.

Videos are also incredibly powerful marketing tools as any consumer market research companies will be able to tell you. Videos can be presented on just about any social media platform and provide a quick way for customers and consumers to get informed on just about any topic, product, brand, or service. Videos are also very captivating and more likely to get a consumer or potential customer’s attention than other online methods of advertising. For instance, up to five and a half hours of videos are consumed by the average person in the United States by just one day here in this country alone, let alone in other countries all throughout the world. And more than sixty five percent of all potential customers (sixty six percent, to be more exact) will actually watch a particularly informative and educational video more than once if they find that they are interested in the content that is being presented.

Of course, having a platform to post on is important, and many consumer market research companies will suggest social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. These platforms are widely utilized, as consumer market research companies are well aware of. This high volume of potential viewers for your product or service (etc.) is likely to increase the total number of customers that you are able to obtain – loyal customers, at that.

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