Taking a Look At The Importance Of Safety While On The Job

From door jamb protectors to door frame protectors to construction floor protection, staying safe in the workplace as a construction worker often requires many different tools. But staying safe at work is hugely essential, and something that can be difficult to do in certain fields all throughout the United States. From construction work to other forms of manual labor, it’s critical to put safety as a top priority.

For one, it’s important to be knowledgeable about what poses the greatest risk to the life of any employee or worker. In construction work, it happens to be falls, which causes more deaths in the industry than anything else, though there certainly are other risks that must be contended with. Taking care to have surface protection and surfaces that are not slippery in any way or at risk for causing a fall is absolutely essential for any given construction site, and neglecting to do so is likely to put the workers at that site at risk. The use of something like door jamb protectors can be very helpful, as door jamb protectors can serve as a stop gap to prevent injury. Door jamb protectors have a number of other uses as well in the construction world, and the importance of door jamb protectors is not something that should be underestimated.

Inhaling things that could be detrimental to one’s health is also common in the field of construction. And the data more than backs this up, showing that more than fifty one and a half percent of all current construction workers were showing signs of moderate pulmonary restriction. In some – around four and a half percent, if not just slightly more than that – this moderate pulmonary restriction had elevated to cause a full blown obstruction.

This is a problem that is also prevalent among those who work with the cutting, sawing, or crushing of stone, rock, and concrete, as well as brick. When this work is done, small particles of crystalline silica are released into the air and can become easily breathed in by the worker in question. They’re smaller even than grains of sand – by about one hundred times – and are incredibly common. In fact, nearly two and a half million people run the risk of exposure to crystalline silica at their place of work here in the United States alone.

But the dangers that have been mentioned above are not always just present in the work place. There are many ways that your home that pose threats to your health as well. Take, for instance, your carpet, a relatively unobtrusive part of your home that hardly anyone would consider to be particularly threatening. However, far too many of us neglect to clean our carpets, and they can hold an astonishing pound of dirt for every square yard that they have. If you have animals or small children who are likely to get up close and personal with said carpet, this can be a huge problem.

Window protection film is also something that more and more people are investing in, alongside door jamb protectors and the like. Window film can be used to not only block out sunlight and keep it from fading your curtains, furniture, and art, but it can be used to actually protect your health as well. In fact, the use of window film can protect you from exposure to the harmful UVA rays of the sun, reducing them by as much as ninety nine percent when you’re indoors.

Window film can also be used in your car, where many people spend much of their day, commuting to work and then back again typically up to five full days of the week. This means that they are getting a great deal of sun exposure through their car windows, something that can be very much mitigated through the use of window film. On top of this, window film in your car windows can protect your privacy as well, as said window film makes it much more difficult to actually see the interior of your vehicle.

Overall, there are many risks that we all face on a day to day basis.

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