Taking A Closer Look At The Use Of On Site Signage Here In The United States

Signs are hugely important, especially as a form of advertisement and especially here in the United States. All throughout the country, people are inundated with advertising signs on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, the average adult person in this country will see up to a total of 3,000 of them over the course of just one single day, though various other forms of advertisements and the like will also be a part of this total. For many people, however, off site and on site signs alike will have a considerable impact on many things, such as the purchasing decisions that they make both in store and online.

There’s no doubt about it that off site signage, often in the form of billboards, matters quite a bit all throughout the country. After all, nearly three quarters of the driving population finds that they take note of at least some of the billboards that they pass by. And many people – up to nearly 60% of all of those who have reached or exceed the age of 18 – find interesting events and restaurants that they later attend directly from these billboards, showing just how influential even a single billboard can be.

But it is perhaps the use of on site signage, in its many forms, that is the most powerful of all, at least from a sales perspective. After all, the power of on site signage has actually been able to be equated to taking out as many as 24 newspaper ads over the course of just one single year – and full paged newspaper ads at that. For many people, the use of on site signage might seem pointless, as so much of our shopping has moved to an online platform as e-commerce has continued to keep growing – and is likely to continue to keep growing in the years that are to come as well. However, recently gathered data shows that still up to 94% of all people will make their final purchasing decisions in a brick and mortar location, even though they might conduct some of their preliminary research online. Therefore, on site signage is more relevant than ever, and more effective than ever as well.

And on site signage truly comes in all different shapes and sizes from glass door business signs to a picture display stand to even metal display signs and the metal free standing sign. Something like a picture display stand or holders for price tags (and, in some settings, holders for warehouse labels) can be used in just about any retail location, as a picture display stand will likely be able to accommodate a wide variety of pictures, to say the least. And the impact of on site signage such as a picture display stand has been well studied and proves that such on site signage as the picture display stand actually plays quite the important role when it comes to making sales.

As a matter of fact, the use of on site signage such as that of the picture display stand or even a digital display stand can raise the sales of even fully priced items. A number of studies can backed this up, showing the rise in sales of fully priced items by at least 18%. One such study, conducted by Brigham Young University, showed a rise in the sales of fully priced items by as much as a full 20% when on site signage like the typical picture display stand was used. Therefore, the importance of the on site sign like the picture display stand could be considered absolutely critical to the overall success of any given retail location or even any given product in particular.

At the end of the day, signs come in all different shapes and sizes, particularly on site signage used in retail locations throughout the country. From the floor sign holder to the picture display stand, there are many ways the signage can be brought into just about any brick and mortar location, signage that will end up making a huge difference.

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