Sunken Driveway Four Surprising Causes


Many people expect their driveway to last for years once it is installed, and this can be the case for correctly installed driveways. In fact if your driveway is properly installed and correctly maintained you can expect it to last around 25 to 50 years. Without proper installation and proper care, however, you can experience problems with your driveway, such as sunken driveways, in as few as two years after having it installed.

Proper Foundation

A proper foundation is vital for any driveway you have installed. Without your driveway contractor laying a proper foundation you can not expect your asphalt driveway or any other driveway to hold up for years to come. The result will be cracks and holes in your driveway and sunken driveways that are all expensive repairs.

Failing to Repair

When you notice a problem with your driveway, it is important to have it repaired as soon as possible. This eliminates other problems and reduces the amount of money it will take to fix your driveway. When cracks appear, you must seal them in order to keep rain water and other water from seeping into the cracks. Once water seeps into the base of your driveway your base is disturbed. The unsettled base then shifts and when left untreated can cause sunken driveways, which is an major expense to repair.

Water Leaks

Pay attention to your water bill. If you notice a sudden jump in it or the cost keeps going up then it might be a good idea to have it checked. Water leaks that happen underground can go undetected for months or even years. This leads to the washing away of the foundation of your driveway. Once the foundation is washed away, there is not a steady base to keep you from dealing with sunken driveways. Monitor your water bill and if you notice that the bill is not right have the water company check for leaks. Finding and fixing a leak early can save time and money when it comes to repairing your driveway.

Improper Base

Sometimes a sunken driveway can appear only years after having it installed. While this may seem unlikely, the problem actually occurs quite often. When builders dig up trees, it is important for the stump of the tree to be removed prior to adding a stone base. After a couple of years the three stumps begins to decay and waste away. The end result is a hole in the ground and the stone base shifts to the open area. Once the stone base is no longer supporting your driveway you will notice holes and sunken spots in it.

Knowing what causes sunken driveways allows you to ensure that the work is done properly before having a driveway installed. Ask questions and get answers that you are comfortable with before letting anybody install your driveway. Make sure they know what they are doing so that you can enjoy your driveway for years to come. Ask if there are any warranties for your driveway and what they cover. Make sure you get written instructions for how to care for your driveway to ensure lasting beauty. Knowledge before hand, during installation and after your driveway is done is the key to having a beautiful driveway that will last through generations.

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