Stop Turning Customers Away and Start Turning Heads With These Three Tips

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Store window displays can make or break a sale. Instead of letting your retail window displays turn customers away, here are a few tips to make them turn heads instead!

Create a Scene.

Putting your products out for the world to see is the entire point of store window displays, but if you just put them on a nice stand, no one’s going to care. It’s a static display. You want store window displays that are dynamic. For this reason, you need to get some props and make a scene. For example, say you just got in a new Fall line of candles. Get some pumpkins, leaves, and vines, and make a faux pumpkin patch. Spread your candles out amongst it, and people will naturally associate the new scents with the Fall, without even knowing it’s a new Fall line.

Say It Aesthetically.

Digital printing services create window graphics for businesses who want to advertise a new sale or a new line all the time, but sometimes these window adverts don’t work. Why? Because there’s often not enough thought put into them. Yes, you have to articulate it succinctly, but you can’t ignore the graphics’ aesthetics. A white serif font might help get the point across, but it isn’t going to turn anyone’s heads, let alone entice them to go into your store. If you want to include a graphic in your store window displays, you have to make it pop out.

Use a Backdrop.

You might be tempted to leave the back of your store window displays blank so that passersby can see in, but it’s actually a much better idea to put up a backdrop. After all, what if it’s not so busy? People don’t want to go into a store no one else is going into. They want to be part of the action. Having a backdrop can separate your store window displays from the inside. What’s more, it can also add a sense of drama to the displays, too.

With these tips, your displays will stop turning customers away, and start turning their heads. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Get more on this here:

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