Stop! Don’t Go Supply Shopping Until You Read This

3 ring binder

When you work in an office, you’re constantly going through supplies. If you aren’t organized, you can’t do your work. In fact, messy desks and the time we spend looking for misplaced items costs corporate America $177 billion every year. If that doesn’t motivate you, just know that 57% of Americans say they judge their coworkers based on how well-kept their workspace is. Don’t be the office slob! Any way you look at it, supplies are integral to your work. You use notepads in meetings, staples for reports, and post-its for everything. It can be dreadful to have to shop every month or so for new supplies. You have to take an inventory of what you need more of, and figure out the stores each item is cheapest at. Then you have to chase around to actually buy said items.

It doesn’t have to be that irritating though. Follow the three tips outlined here and this year can be a breeze. Let’s get started!

  1. Ask your coworkers: It may be easier on everyone to just make an office supply pool. Each employee gets assigned a month, and they do the shopping. All you have to do is provide the money, and you only have to shop when it’s your turn!
  2. Check online: Remember the store you went to last time that had a great deal but was full of screaming kids? You may not have to go! Check online for the items you need before anything else. Considering all the weird things you can find on the internet, you can find office supplies. Things like numbered dividers and printable sticker labels are popular. If you’re worried about shipping, fear not. Cheap mailers will l get everything where it needs to go without breaking the bank.
  3. Buy bulk: Whenever it’s possible, supplies or otherwise, you should try to buy in bulk. It saves you tons of money. You can easily find 1 inch binders in bulk, 1/2 inch binders in bulk, and 3 ring binders bulk. No matter what your fellow employees need, you can find it cheaper if you buy it bulk.

Save yourself the aggravation of office shopping by buying in bulk and online! Cheap mailers will get everything to you without hurting your wallet, so what’s stopping you? Don’t waste energy and sanity on shopping when you already get enough of it at work. How will you do your shopping this year? Let us know in the comments!

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