Six Reasons LED is the Best Choice for Your Signage

Outdoor school signs

Electronic school signs, gsa signs, municipal signs, outdoor church signs: whatever your signage is advertising, LED signs have been proven to increase sales revenue for businesses and community awareness for social organizations and municipal signs. Here are six reasons to consider using LED for your needs:

  1. Costs: Although there is a higher initial cost to install an LED sign, in the long run, the LED will be cheaper than other types of outdoor signs. For one thing, there?s almost no maintenance required once it goes up, saving you on labor costs. It will not peel and fade like other types of signs, so it doesn’t need to be replaced as often. You can also change the message of your sign quickly, easily, and cheaply from your computer.
    1. Endurance: In a similar vein, LED signs will last a lot longer than older types of lighted signs. Quality LED for your gsa signs or school LED signs will last 50,000 to 100,000 hours, and since they have no gases that can leak out–such as neon bulbs do–they do not get dimmer with time nor need expensive recycling for bulbs.
      1. Endless Customization: An LED sign can be changed to suit the season, the weather conditions, a change in your business, a political event, or to convey emergency information. With just a click of the button on your computer, your gsa signs or municipal signs are updated with the latest information.
        1. Visibility: LED catches the eye as traditional signage never can. It?s brighter and can be easily made either full color or single color, depending on your preferences. LED signs can also be seen easily even in direct sun. All this increases your chances of grabbing impulse buyers, and also lets you switch between graphics and words as you like.
          1. Professionalism: One of the most serious problems with traditional signage is fading, dimming, broken bulbs, or letters that go out entirely. When this happens, your digital sign suddenly goes from professional to laughable. This doesn?t happen with LED signs.
            1. Environmental Friendliness: LED signs only use about 10 W of power, which is approximately 80% less than what a comparable neon sign uses. This saves you money and is easier on the environment, as is recycling the LED sign. Old neon or florescent signs must be treated carefully due to their toxic gases, but this problem is eliminated with LED. Furthermore, LED signage runs cool, meaning that indoor signs don’t heat up the building and raise your air conditioning costs.
            2. Whatever your signage needs, and particularly if you are considering any kind of lighted or electronic signs, LED is worth looking into!

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