Simple Steps to Avoid Getting Hurt on the Job

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) says that at least 1,000 workers suffer from an injury at work each year. OSHA was formed in 1970 to reduce job-related injuries and deaths. The construction industry is notorious for workplace hazards and four leading causes of workplace injuries have been identified which include electrocution, falls, being hit by an object an getting caught between two objects, Below are so simple tips to avoid injuries in the construction and material handling industry.

Take all the training you can get
Construction workers handle all kinds specialized tools and equipment that can lead to harm. While training can be expensive, if an employer should ever extend an opportunity for training – always take it. For example, fall safety courses help construction workers navigate dangerous situations that could lead to injury. Those who have undergone the fall protection competent person training are much less likely to be victims of a workplace accident. In fact, OSHA requires that these kinds of courses be available at elevations of four feet in any industry workplace, five feet if working in a shipyard, and six feet in the construction world. Eight feet is required in long shoring operations.

Pay close attention to equiptment in the material handling industry and construction
Many construction-related incidents are brought about by faulty, old or substandard equiptment. Construction safety training should also include taking stock of the equiptment you have and it’s safety level. OSHA requires that equiptment be inspected each year, but to go step further, pay close attention to the tools you use, their age, and whether they seem to be experiencing a problem. Many construction companies have very high quality equiptment to avoid such problems – but unfortunately the ones who do not have equiptment might be the same ones inclined to to be cooperative when an employee gets injured.

Required safety measures are for just that – your safety
Don’t scoff at all the measures there are to protect you! Construction injuries are usually very complicated and hard to parse out. One way to make them easier to decipher is to cover all your bases by always using all recommended safety gear. This means that ladders, scaffolds, fall protection systems, and other equipment are a must.

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