Show Someone You Care with a Plaque of Appreciation

Military retirement plaques

A plaque of appreciation is often used to recognize significant anniversaries or accomplishments within companies and organizations. They area common part of employee recognition programs because they are proven effective in increase company loyalty and promoting positive work morale.

In a recent survey of companies in the United States, nearly 90% of them stated that employee recognition programs increase overall worker happiness. Happy workers are more dedicated and loyal to the company they work for, which in return, reduces employee turnover, which can be very costly.

An independent study showed that over 50% of respondents believed that companies could improve overall employee engagement simply by giving recognition. A plaque of appreciation accomplishes just that in an easy and low-cost way.

A plaque of appreciation is also commonly given as a recognition of retirement when someone leaves after many years with the company. The average age of retirement is 63, and many are finding that top level executives are not staying with the same company as long as they once had. This has led to more retirements. There are over 500,000 registered nurses that are expected to retire between now and 2022.

A plaque of appreciation is also a great gift for a recent graduate, or a gift for a significant anniversary like a fiftieth wedding anniversary. They can also be used to recognize years of service. For example, companies can give 10 years service award or 15 years service award. Choosing a specific set of years will streamline the process and make it easier to ensure that everyone is recognized for their commitment to the company.

Police departments are known for showing appreciation for their officers because they know that the work they do deserves far more than what most cities are able to pay. Being a police officer is hard and dangerous work. Plaques make a great police appreciation gift, a police retirement gifts. Police prayer plaques also make sincere and memorable gifts.

Everyone wants to feel appreciated, but in today’s society many feel that they are replaceable or just a number at their work. They do not feel that their hard work is recognized, and they do not believe their is anymore loyalty in the workplace. An employer can dis-spell these negative thoughts and feelings with something as simple as recognizing people for their hard work. Offer a token of that recognition.

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