Server Host vs Web Server – Madison County Library

We will discuss the main difference between them.

Servers are computers that provide services to others. It can be used to store websites, emails , as well as various other information. They connect to multiple machines through networks. It is possible to have one server for which they’re solely responsible or multiple on one server.

The subcategory of web servers is servers. These servers serve web pages to clients computers. Each web server is assigned an IP address, as well as the domain name. In this case, has its own server which provides video and other content to your PC.

Web hosting is the solution that manages your web server. Your website may be that is hosted on their server. provide. This is inclusive of SquareSpace and WordPress in addition to GoDaddy.

There are shared or dedicated servers. These servers are sharing the capabilities of one server along with various other tenants. Servers that are dedicated cost more due to the fact that they allow you access to all functions of the server for yourself. Consider shared servers like homes and dedicated servers as homes.

For more details take a look at the video in the link above.


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