Seal Off Your Home to Lower Energy Costs

Fresh coat of paint in the living room: check. Peeling antiquated vinyl floor replaced in the kitchen: check. Brand new shingles on the roof in need of replacement: check. It has been a busy summer for you, and you have accomplished just about everything on your home improvement checklist before the fall and winter hits. You were fed up with your leaky roof, outdated wallpaper and floors, and ridiculously high electricity bill, so you bit the bullet and went for a full summer’s worth of pedal to the medal remodeling.

However, your July electric bill comes in, and the numbers have barely dropped! What gives?

Did you know that replacing your windows can lower your energy bills? Depending on where you are located, the United States Environmental Protection Agency estimates that you could shave off up to $500 off your electricity bill annually by replacing old single-pane windows!

Here are three major window components to look for when shopping for new windows.

  • 1. Energy efficiency is key. You pay a lot for your heat in the wintertime and cool air in the summer, so why let it go to waste? In fact, there may even be a federal tax credit available to you for replacing your windows with energy efficient ones. Some of the key words to listen for when chatting with your local home improvement professional are: argon filled glazing, low-E coatings, and Energy Star labels, which is a federally regulated energy efficiency standard.
  • 2. Vinyl windows are built to last. Vinyl is the most common material that windows are made of and dominate the window market. That is because the vinyl material is built to last: it is durable, reliable, and resistant to elemental decay such as moisture damage and insects. Vinyl contributes to the energy efficiency of your home because it is a good insulator, keeping the climate controlled air trapped in and the outdoor temperatures sealed out.
  • 3. Wood windows? Choose wisely. Wooden windows in a home can look beautiful, classic and regal, but it will come at a cost. If your home improvement consultant is talking to you about wood windows, keep in mind that they are not as durable and require consistent maintenance. Unlike vinyl, wood is vulnerable to elemental degradation such as moisture rot and insect related decay. A homeowner who wants the atmosphere that wood windows provide to a home must be dedicated to the windows’ upkeep or face additional costs later on.

  • There is a lot more to consider when picking out some high quality windows for your home. You have dozens of style choices: do you want a couple of bay windows? How about a set of picture windows or two? And much to keep in mind such as whether the window installation is simple enough for you to do it yourself, or if it is wiser to hire a professional to do the job. Whatever you decide, installing new, energy efficient windows in your house will provide the last bit of freshening up it needs and bring a whole new atmosphere to your home, while shaving costs off of your energy bill dollar by dollar.
    If you have just replaced your windows and find that your home still has a heating and cooling problem, consider updating your spray foam insulation. Spray foam acts as a major player blocking your home’s purchased air from the elements. If it is time to update your home’s spray foam, spray foam rigs spray foam rigs are cheap to rent and relatively simple to operate. Or, if you do not want to run the spray foam rigs spray foam rigs yourselves, you do not have to go with a spray foam rental. Just get a hold of your local insulation company to get professional help with that spray foam insulation equipment.

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