School and Business Marquees For Sending a Message

Marketing and advertising is always an essential step in creating and sustaining a business, since it is the route through which a business can draw in customers and make them aware of what is sold, and why it is the best among all the competition. LED signs for businesses are energy-efficient and attractive to look at, and outdoor signs for schools can make students and parents excited for new events and updates in the school’s various programs on campus. Marquee signs for schools can be electronic or made from traditional materials, but either way, they can send a good message and keep everyone informed.

Signs and Business

For companies and businesses, having good signs is invaluable. Commercial business signs have to be eye-catching and succinctly deliver the promise of high-quality goods and services, and they have a limited time frame in which to catch someone’s attention. In fact, an on-site’s sign has similar value as 24 full-page newspaper ads in a year, and studies show that replacing a store front’s wall sign with a bigger one will boost sales by 7.7%. LED business signs and electronic signs have the advantage of being visible at night or in low-light conditions such as rain, although the business will have to factor in electrical costs.

It has been repeatedly demonstrated that customers are more likely to notice and want to shop at a business due to the signs, and marquee signs for schools may have a similar power for parents looking for a new school to send their kids to. 58% of poll responders aged 18 and up stated that they learned about an interesting event that they wanted to attend from a billboard, and 59% of polled people aged 18 and up said that the same applies for finding restaurants. Billboards work for retailers, too: 32% of poll responders visited a retailer that they saw advertised on a billboard.

85% of a business’s customers, statistically speaking, live within a five mile radius of the company’s physical location, and with this kind proximity, online and magazine advertising may not even be needed. Instead, signs around town, and on the building itself, may be sufficient. Of course, when advertising, a company has to keep ad space in mind. Businesses have to compete for the actual space for placing their ads, and this is something for every business owner to consider. Putting up a billboard outside a small rural town, for example, will not nearly run up the same expenses as placing signs in a city’s downtown, and in a very busy place like Times Square, for example, the ad space is bound to be very expensive and in demand.

School Signs

Marquee signs for schools have their own power. On the sign itself, the school’s colors and mascot can be prominently displayed, to advertise the school’s location, its personality, and current events. Visiting sports teams from rival schools, for example, will get a look at the school’s mascot and colors, and the mascot on a school marquee can excite the home team’s audience.

A scrolling marquee sign, or a conventional one, can do a lot of work for a school. Sporting events and meetings for extra curricular activities can be advertised with up to date information, so everyone knows of the event and can go on time and know what to expect there. Similarly, updates for these events can be posted for everyone’s convenience, alongside other means such as the school’s Twitter account. Parents looking for a good new school for their kids will be drawn in by the sign, and this could heavily influence the parent’s decision on where their kids go to school. And like with business signs, marquee signs for schools that use LED lights or other electric displays have the advantage of being legible at night, which can also make the school look more modern. Traditional signs will often have small lights set up near them to shine light onto them instead.

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