Saving Energy Means Going Green The Financial Benefits Of Using Foam-In-Place Insulation Tools

Going green means building smart.

That doesn’t mean you need to overhaul your entire approach! Swapping out one product for another can work just fine to shave some of the year’s costs…with the added feature of communicating eco-friendliness to your customers. Drywall construction power tools need to fit this perfect package of being handy in a pinch and tough enough to last a long time. Homeowners are getting more discerning by the day, after all. Can you keep up?

Green homes are more efficient homes. Let’s take a look at your toolset and what you could be missing out on.

Did You Know?

It’s time to get caught up on the industry so you’re not left behind. Homeowners today are craving eco-friendly installation and repair, for the simple fact they’re spending too much on their energy bills. The United States sees the average roof repair cost sitting at $750, though some can spend as high as $1,200. Smaller roof repairs can cost a little less, depending on the labor involved and the extent of the damage. Caulk is a popular adhesive used to seal leakable gaps less than one-quarter of an inch wide, mostly between building components and materials. Not all jobs will be quite so small, though!

Never Forget The Tape Gun

Many of your jobs are going to be simple patch-up sessions. Filling in cracks, maintaining stubborn holes, the works. Heating and cooling today account for 50% of the energy use in the average American home, with these tiny cracks and holes sucking up temperature on a constant basis. Alongside your drywall tape gun you should be considering gun spray foam sealants. These can handle just about any job, large or small, and last a long while.

Foam Sealant Is Eco-Friendly

Do you have clients that want to make sure their home is free from drafts and pesky insects? Foam sealant will ensure nothing gets through. Spray foam insulation tools have been found to cut monthly AC and heating costs by up to 60%. Foam-in-place insulation is often used for smaller sealing needs, coming in two types — you have the closed-cell and the open-cell, both of which use polyurethane. Insulation is such an important issue it has its own classification system.

Energy Conservation Takes On Many Forms

If you want to conserve energy, you have to look at more than just the quality of your tape gun. You need to learn your terms and make sure they follow you to every job. R value is the insulation grade, with higher R values denoting better insulation. It’s found by dividing material thickness by thermal conductivity — the four types of insulation are rolls and batts, rigid foam, loose-fill, and the ever popular foam-in-place. You might also need to use several resources to create the most competent result.

All Businesses Benefit From A Green Mindset

You don’t need to start your business from scratch. Picking up more advanced tools and applying them to old-fashioned methods of saving energy is a good enough place to be. You can even share with your clients other ways of conserving energy throughout the day. It’s possible to save up to 10% in energy costs every year by turning the thermostat down by seven to 10 degrees. Using drywall tape guns and foam-in-place is, essentially, icing on the cake.

Help your customers stay warm and green. Double-check your painting supplies in 2019 and make sure they’re up to snuff.

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