Ring Burners, Venturi Pipes, and More Industrial Gas Burners

Cast iron burners

Though we may not always appreciate it, ovens, burners, and furnaces are essential to many industries. A recent study has shown that an astounding 95% of commercial operations use at least one kind of oven or heating equipment. The food industry alone couldn’t function without heating equipment. There are more than 2,800 commercial and 6,000 retail bakeries in the United States.

This equipment is also important to many other businesses. From manufacturing and construction to technology and transportation, heating equipment is one of the main tools that makes the world go round. To better show how important they are, here are four types of equipment used extensively for industrial purposes:

  • Ring burners: Ring burners are composed of flat, ring-shaped pieces of metal that are heated by gas or electricity. They are used for a variety of things such as grilling and setting up a fire pit.
  • Venturi burners: Venturi burners provide a fast and intense torch flame without the use of blowers, compressed air, or complex piping. These all-cast iron propane and natural gas burners are used for metal melting, forging, glass making, and ceramics firing.
  • Round melters: Round melters are soft metal melting furnaces are used for melting or casting lead, sand, spin, die, tin, solder, babbitt, and zinc. These pots can reach up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Gas pipe burners: Gas pipe burners are long, narrow pipes that emit gas heat from small holes across the pipe. They are used in cooking equipment (such as grills and ovens) as well as for manufacturing purposes.

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