Rigging Certification Preventing Accidents One Rig at a Time

Lifting chains

Rigging certification is one of the many kinds of inspections and certifications needed for any construction site. Construction industry and government guidelines are designed to protect construction workers from hazardous and potentially fatal work-related accidents, including falling, being struck by a falling object, machinery problems, etc. Falls are the leading cause of death on construction sites but the other possibilities are just as serious.

Safety on construction sites has been a priority of the United States government since at least 1970. The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 created and enforced safety regulations on the job. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (or OSHA) administers frequent safety inspections and maintains safety regulations for several occupations. The OSHA also advises construction companies on safety training, including how to avoid falls, slips, and tripping. Objects typically found on construction sites such as chain slings, lifting gear, marine rope, rigs, and round slings must be properly checked and operated according to OSHA guidelines under penalty of law. Rigging certification is just one kind of safety inspection but it is a very important one for the well being of any construction site. Rigs are often used on construction sites to move massive amounts of material. Oil rigs, for example, are used by oil companies to extract oil from under the surface. Rigs on land are used to move massive amounts of dirty, wood, soil, and other materials to make way for construction.

Rigging certification may not be the most exotic thing in the world but it is crucial for the health of any construction site. Construction is one of the largest industries in America and its well being is important for us all. For that and so much more, rigging certification a needed step in the proper management of our society.

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