Review These Law Topics for the Bar Exam! – Gerald Parks Memorial Foundation

The jurisdiction of IC is a vast array of legal subjects. Concentrating your efforts upon the most popularly studied subjects as well as learning the fundamentals and laws that govern law will improve the likelihood of passing the examination. It’s essential to manage your time effectively and make the most of the amount of time you spend learning, since the stakes are high.

These topics have been tested frequently throughout the past:

Premarital agreements on property division and divorce determination Enforcement

The divorce proceedings in their entirety are looked at from a chronological perspective. The events leading to wedding, possible separation, the divorce process, division of property, and child custody if children are involved.

To decide if the premarital contract is valid or invalid It is based on a number of factors:

The Voluntariness Fairness disclosure explains fraud, duress and Coercion.

It is the process of determining if the use of duress, fraud or coercion occurred during the process of drafting the agreement or during the signing of the agreement. It is when one or both of the couples failed to reveal any or all of their financial assets or obligations prior to the marriage.


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