Reuse Your Old Office Supplies With These Crafts

Laser inkjet labels

When you’re sitting at home looking at your cluttered desk, does it distract you? If you’re like most people, I’m sure that it adds to your overall stress level not to have things neat and clean. So here are some ways you can take that clutter and use it to get organized! Reuse your old:

Cheap Bubble Mailers – If you have cheap bubble mailers in stock from your snail-mail days, you can use them for a lot of different things. Holding receipts, hiding secret cash stashes, or my personal favorite, a DIY iPad case! By decorating your mailers with doodles or pretty fabrics, you can create a custom tablet case that’ll blow the pricey competitors out of the water.

3 Ring Binder – Every house has at least one of these floating around from school days of yore. Use it to get your life in order! Instead of blowing extra money on a planner, just use your old binders to make your own portable calendar. If you have laser printer labels lying around, you can use them to divide the easily divide the calendar days. (Tip: numbered dividers can separate the months, too.)

Binder and Paper Clips – By running a piece of string or twine across two points on the wall, you can use paperclips or binder clips to hang photos, reminders, ticket stubs, whatever you’d like! This helps get the clutter off your desk (and other surfaces) and up where you can see what really matters. Bonus points if your clips are cute and colorful. You can also get new clips in cool funky shapes and designs.

By reusing your old office supplies, you can get organized AND eliminate waste. Nothing says “clutter-be-gone” like saving the environment, right? Not to mention you get some cute new crafts for your office space. Everybody wins! Visit here for more.

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