Reaching the Eyes and Ears of Customers with Tasteful Display Ideas

Look around your house and find items that you have purchased based on needs and wants. What drew you to them? Their advertisement? What the product offered in return for your money? You do not really realize it at first, but you face 3,000 advertisements and promotions every single day, whether you are walking the streets or sitting at home watching TV.

Obviously, this is how a business reaches you. How else would they sell their product if they could not advertise it? No one would know about it. They use television However, there is a difference between good advertisement and bad advertisement. Just because the ad reaches your eyes and ears does not mean it is objectively good advertisement. Companies that sell a popular product do so with ads that hook people in because they provided a good people want, as well as utilizing good store display ideas.

Reaching More Eyes and Ears

An excellent tool in the toolbox of business is using signage to reach potential customers. In fact, 16 percent of unplanned purchases were made because a display caught their eye. Imagine you are walking down the street, looking straight ahead. You are not out shopping, only running errands. So, that means you are not very concerned, or aware of, the items on display in a store. Imagine doing the same thing, only this time, you notice a creative sign advertising a product, and it just so happens to be something you were looking for, but not actively. You might go home with that product. And that is how good store display ideas can help, even the numbers agree.

Brigham Young University ran several studies, but one such study was focused on store display ideas. Their data showed that when a product has creative signage advertising the product, it would sell more than a product without signage, as much as 20 percent more.

To put this in perspective with solid numbers, without signage you might sell 100 items, but with signage, you could potentially sell 120 items. And you do not have to go crazy. You could invest in simply display items like poster stands, and poster easels, or a product stand display, or a window sign holder. Do what is best for your wallet, but remember: it has to catch someone’s attention.

It Doesn’t End With the Display

Signage doesn’t have to end on the outside, it should continue while customers are in the store as well. Make reference to “hot items.” Most of the decisions shoppers make are while they’re shopping, in fact, it’s 82 percent of the time. And if you have a product that is competing with other brands, potential customers are only going to give 3 to 7 seconds of their time to make a decision; if your product doesn’t look good, they will discard it quickly. It’s important you “wow” them from the start.

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