Quiz Can You Guess the Top 5 US Cities for Sales Jobs?

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This summer, website Glassdoor.com calculated which U.S. cities offer the best opportunities for those set on a sales career path, and the data suggests ambitious salespeople should head out California way.

The site’s “Highest Paying Cities for Sales Jobs” report looked at base pay, commission, and the number of job openings for various types of sale jobs. In a predictable results, it looks like Silicon Valley offers some of the biggest opportunities for salespeople looking to jump start their career. Not only do cities like San Jose and San Francisco dominate the top of the list, but they’re also home to some of the highest paying companies for sales people, like Adobe and Microsoft. Plus, there’s Los Angeles’ “Silicon Beach,” another booming tech center out on the West Coast.

So if you’re looking for the ultimate sales career path, the top five cities you should consider moving to are:

  • San Jose, CA; Total Pay: $127,000
  • San Francisco, CA; Total Pay: $100,000
  • Boston, MA; Total Pay: $98,000
  • New York City, NY; Job Openings: 5,194
  • Los Angeles, CA; Job Openings: 3,142

The list goes on to cover the other top 84 U.S. cities for a career in sales, so head to Glassdoor to check out the rest of the list.

And although the East and West Coasts crowd out the Top Five, the Top 10 features a more geographically diverse range of locales to consider. And, of course, the best sales people can find opportunities for themselves wherever they are. And with more than 65,000 open corporate sales jobs in the U.S. this summer, there’s plenty of ways to chart your own unique sales career path.

But even so, if you’re looking for the biggest opportunities with the biggest companies, then perhaps it’s time to consider moving to Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, or New York City, where you’ll find some of the most competitive sales career opportunities in the business. Good luck!

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