Quick, Easy Steps for Improving Your Website

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In today’s technologically-centered society, businesses simply can’t survive the competition without some social media plans and tech savvy skills. Making your brand or products stand out in the world wide web can have a hugely positive impact on your business. For instance, in 2011, $1.1 trillion of all sales in retail were listed as “web-influenced.” Getting into the minds of consumers online can boost your sales and increase your popularity amongst consumers.

You’re probably wondering how to come up with effective social media plans or learning tricks to make your web design stand out. Luckily, there are plenty of companies and blog writing services out there that specialize in helping out individuals to build their online presence and to become comfortable managing their own website if you are really stuck.

Read on for some tips and tricks for finding assistance with web design and creating your best webpage.

Things to Remember When Designing Your Website:

  • One of the first things to decide on when creating a website is what kind of platform to use. It can be a little intimidating with so many kinds of website design platforms out there like Tumblr, BlogSpot and more. One of the most popular platforms for business websites, however, is WordPress. Custom WordPress development is one of the perks of the platform, allowing you to control a wide variety of features with ease. And it’s free to join!
  • Another big feature to think about when creating your website is mobile accessibility. Consumers want everything at their fingertips on the go, and working to satisfy that desire will boost your client base and web hits. Research indicates that approximately 62% of companies that have a mobile-friendly website have reported an increase in sales. In addition, research also shows that 48% of consumers indicated that they interpret poor mobile sites as an indication of the business not caring. You want to make sure that your website can be accessed on smartphones, and accessed easily.
  • Search engine optimization –commonly referred to as SEO– also plays a big role in ensuring the success of website. Having SEO plans can help your website to come up more frequently on search engine results by utilizing “target” keywords in content you post. Since 61% of Internet users often look up products online, this is a great skill to know. These phrases are usually short and are ones that individuals often type in when looking something up online. For more information on SEO, check out online websites and companies who can make you an expert in no time.

Have you had any experience creating a website for your business? Did you need help from someone else with social media plans? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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