Popular Industrial Applications of PTFE Coating

Ptfe powder coating

Teflon non-stick products are one of the most used and sought after industrial PTFE coatings to-date. Typically, this coating is applied to a thickness of between 1-3 mils with a range of balanced properties. The wide array of use for this coating is virtually unlimited, constantly providing quality beyond its prime purpose. Most of the PTFE powder coating have been improved over the years with a combination of superior properties that meets different taste and preferences.

Some of PTFE coating properties include,
1.High release capability
2.Withstand temperatures of up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, higher than any fluoropolymer
3.Chemical inertness
4.Superior dielectric stability
5.Low coefficient of friction

Popular Application of PTFE
There are various ways PTFE can be applied by different industries and they include:

1.Chemical Processing Industry
In most cases, you’ll find PTFE coatings serving as lining on pipes, valves, tanks, pumps, agitators and a host of other vessels that are used to transmit connectors, chemical, and lines for product interchange. One property that allows PTFE powder coating suitable for the chemical industry is its chemical inertness; it is also solvent resistant unlike stainless steels and corrugated pipes that are highly reactive with industrial chemicals.

Another industry that benefits from properties of PTFE coating is the medicine industry. Generally, this coating provides over braid seals and ease when cleaning the purging system. Due to the high standards, the pharmaceutical industry has, it’s only fair to use an equally high standard coating for all their coating problems.

3.Aerospace industry
Just like in chemical industry, PTFE powder coating is commonly used in lining hydraulic hoses, fuels hoses as well as tubing hoses. Additionally, this type of coating is also used in areas that demand the tempering of heat, especially oil, fuel, and alcohol. That’s why they can be easily found in the pneumatic and hydraulic system within this industry.

PTFE powder coating can withstand extreme temperatures, both high and low; that’s why it’s popularly used within the cryogenics industry. From the hydraulic hoses, rings, piston to fuel lines and liquid air system, Teflon coatings offer superior application.

5.Automotive Industry
Another industrial Teflon coating
application is in vehicle production. Virtually, the entire air braking system on vehicles uses PTFE components to provide the over-braided hoses with strong coating properties. Normally, the braking system heats up the very high temperature, hence the need for such coating.

Teflon coating can be found in either powder form or liquid state, and depending on the use and area of application, it is necessary to consult before choosing either of the two options. However, chemical compositions making the PTFE spray coating and the powder are the same.

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