Playing it Safe What to Know About Construction Safety Training

Fall protection system

It is estimated that 1 in every 5 workplace fatalities involves a construction worker. Much of the danger comes not only from working with heavy machinery but from doing so at great heights. In this industry, falls are the leading cause of death. In this environment fall protection equipment can make the difference between life and death.

Construction safety courses can be essential to establishing a secure working environment on a construction site. Crane safety training, forklift safety training, and rigging safety training can provide employees and supervisors with the skills and information they need to stay safe on the job. It may also be necessary for sites to upgrade their equipment to maintain newly set safety standards. Fall protection equipment and lifting equipment can protect and prevent against small and catastrophic injury alike.

These safety measures are important not only for the safety of the construction crew but also to remain OSHA compliant. Each year OSHA selects random construction companies and performs equipment and job safety inspections. Requiring OSHA training and installing new equipment such as fall protection equipment is probably the safest bet for your company and crew. Read more here.

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