Pipe Repair Facts You Need to Know

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As a homeowner, you probably deal with a ton of little fixes and repairs in your home. Sometimes it may even seem like there’s something new needed every single day. However, we often get caught up with the little things that we see every day, rather than addressing larger needs that we may not see. Pipe repairs and drain cleaning are huge pieces in keeping things in your home running smoothly. Read on for a few things you probably don’t know about pipe repairs.

First of all, while it may seem like a huge undertaking, if you call in experienced professionals it will be painless. Sewer repairs and sewer replacements, while they are difficult tasks, are best left with people who do it every single day. Do some research into what it takes for successful repairs, and then apply it to your search!

Another thing to keep in mind is that a sewer over 40 years old must be replaced. It is likely slowing down other things within your home because it isn’t working efficiently. The great thing is though, that trenchless methods will prolong the lifespan of the sewer. Sewers and pipes repaired with this method last about 100 years, and they can deflects chemicals and roots. For you, this means never having to deal with another replacement. About 78% of respondents in an Angie’s list poll said they were not even aware this technology or method existed.

Lastly, about 73% of consumers say that they would actually pay more for a replacement if it meant that outdoor amenities such as landscaping, patio, deck or other outdoor features would be preserved. With trenchless methods, this isn’t an issue at all! Be sure to also ask for a drain inspection while you have the professionals there — this will prevent future issues!

Are you thinking about calling for pipe repairs or a sewer replacement? What will you be looking for in terms of the professionals and methods? We want to hear your thoughts, comments, and concerns!

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