New Software May Predict Heart Attacks and Save Lives

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Why are electronic health records (EHRs) rapidly gaining popularity? True, experts tout the relatively obvious benefits of EHRs — including reduced costs and streamlined care — but many do not realize that there are even more promising outcomes. In fact, digitized systems, EHRs, and new predictive software may help doctors predict serious health conditions — such as heart attacks — before they happen.

Predictive Analysis: How Does It Work?

Predictive analysis software looks at thousands of different variables and patients’ medical histories to accurately project the likelihood of severe medical conditions, such as heart problems and high blood pressure. The new technology considers “blood pressure, beta blocker prescriptions, and weight” in addition to “the number of cigarette packs a patient smokes, the pattern of prescriptions, and how well the heart is pumping,” Forbes explains. The digitized systems and predictive software will also take psychological and social history into account, assessing any history of depression and current and past living conditions, for example. Ultimately, doctors and healthcare professionals can use the all of these details and predictive programs to predict heart attacks and recommend preventative measures before it’s too late.

What’s the Catch?

There is no catch per se, but there are certain things doctors should be aware of before — and if — they implement EHRs and predictive analysis. Studies show doctors relying on electronic health records spend remarkably less time focused on patients. Consider outsourcing the more tedious parts of the process. A medical billing and coding specialist and/or medical billing services can, for example, take over all aspects of invoicing and payment collection. Without having to worry about radiology billing and physicians billing, doctors free up a considerable amount of time to spend conferring with and diagnosing patients.

You can enjoy the best of both worlds. Enjoy all of the perks of electronic health records and predictive analysis — without sacrificing the quality of patient care. Hire a medical billing and coding specialist to do your dirty work for you, and spend more time caring for your patients. Reference links:

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